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Dear Mickie,

I am writing to you regarding your agent, Carol Lee. My husband and I met Carol at an open house more than a year ago. She is a great real estate agent and being a military family, we have known many people who sell homes.  However, Carol is absolutely the best in the field we have ever known.  She is a dedicated professional. Carol is always on the top of every situation.  She never tries to influence your decision but knows the market and her client’s wants and needs.  Her personality makes her well suited to the job she has elected to do. We worked with Carol for a year until our home in Mobile sold.  It was a difficult time but if not for her, we could easily just have forgotten the whole thing and stayed put.  However, when we were discouraged, Carol kept us on track by showing us another property that might work for us. She is intelligent, informed, talented and very good company. When the deal is done, she follows through with recommendations of someone to clean the house, an excellent painter and answers any other needs her clients may have.  The people who answered these calls are also devoted to Carol.  She is fair in her dealings with everyone and they are always there for her. Carol is not only our pick for the very best real estate agent but she has also become a great friend. We will always be grateful that we found her on our first day out on this side if the bay.




Rochelle and Don Herring